Following the largest rally of his entire campaign, which took place in Brooklyn on Sunday, Bernie Sanders is heading into Tuesday’s Democratic presidential primary in New York with a single message aimed at both his supporters and detractors: Don’t count him out yet.

Despite a mainstream media narrative questioning his ability to overcome rival Hillary Clinton in New York and beyond, Sanders managed expectations by downplaying recent polling numbers that show him trailing in the Empire State.

“Those are public polls. The bottom line is, let’s look at the real poll tomorrow,” he said Monday on NBC‘s “Today Show.”

While a RealClearPolitics average of polling showed Clinton with a 12 percent lead over Sanders, but a poll released Sunday by Gravis showed Clinton’s lead at half that figure.

“Generally speaking, polling has underestimated how we do in elections,” Sanders said Monday.

Indeed, as University of New Hampshire professor Seth Abramson pointed out in a piece for the Huffington Post on Sunday, the statistics-driven political website FiveThirtyEight “routinely” underestimates primary projections for Sanders, “a fact which sits uncomfortably beside its penchant for publishing articles marginalizing Sanders and his supporters as quixotic.”


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