Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ahmed Johnson recently appeared on The “Why It Ended With Robbie E” Podcast and talked about how WWE COO Triple H & WWE Hall oO Famer Scott Hall helped him in the ring and behind-the-scenes during his WWE run, as seen below:
“One person that really helped me that I can say… Triple H helped me in the ring,” Johnson said.
He continued, “Razor Ramon helped me, too. He would watch my matches and when I got done, he would pull me to the side after most of my matches. He would pull me to the side and tell me what he’d seen that he liked, and what he didn’t like. I had those two in my corner in the beginning, so, that was cool with me. Then Razor and them left, but in the beginning that’s the two guys I would give credit to.”
Ahmed also talked about the infamous kiss from Goldust on live TV. Johnson wasn’t happy with how The WWE veteran improvised, as seen below:
“We practiced this over & over, and Goldust was supposed to put his hand over his mouth,” Johnson said. “He was supposed to kiss his hand, but he wanted to pull [a stunt] because he knew it was live TV, and I couldn’t get up and move if he kissed me. So, he really kissed me, and I was so fired up.”
Johnson still gave Goldust props for getting him over, as seen below:
“I give Goldust his props too, man. He’s just a hell of a performer,” Johnson said. “He’s a hell of a performer and if you can’t get over with Goldust, you can’t get over. He’s one of the best in the business at getting you over.”
Johnson also revealed that he believes WWE went too long with The Nation Of Domination storyline, as seen below:
“It kept drawing wherever we went, especially overseas,” Johnson said. “It was drawing big time, but I just think it went on just a tad bit too long.”

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