— Alfonso Castillo of Newsday.com contacted this Monday’s guest host of Raw, Al Sharpton, to addresses past instances of racial insensitivity on the part of World Wrestling Entertainment. Castillo cited several examples including the Mexicools, Cryme Tyme, the Michael Hayes-Mark Henry situation, and more.

Sharpton responded with a statement noting the following: “As Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain did before him, Reverend Sharpton recognizes that WWE events provide an unfettered opportunity to raise important issues to a national audience of Americans.”

“Rev. Sharpton has talked to Vince McMahon who assured him that they have corrected and will discontinue any racial denigration.”

To read his statement in its entirety, click here.

— WWEShop.com has a sale taking place today where fans can order one WWE book and get a second one free. Among those being offered include Eric Bischoff Controversy Creates Cash, Mick Foley Hardcore Diaries, and The Eddie Guerrero Story, among others. Bischoff’s book is the focal point of the advertising of the promotion on the front page of the WWE website.

— Rosa Mendes is today’s “Daily Diva” on WWE.com whereas Christian is the “Superstar of the Day.”

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