— Candice Michelle has posted her first blog on WWE’s Fan Nation website. She goes in-depth regarding her clavicle injury, talking about the entire experience. On how the injury came about in the first place, she wrote, “I was cleared to do minimal things and they gave me an inch, and I took a mile. I thought I could do it even though the fracture wasn’t completely bridged. WWE gave me a match and I took full advantage of it, but it didn’t work out to my advantage. With being in the ring only about five seconds, I did a dropkick which I decided to change in mid-air (not a smart idea). Not only did I botch it, but I instantly knew I had re-broken my clavicle!” On how she’s doing now, Candice says, “It’s been about 14 weeks since my surgery and many wonder when I will be back. Well, the first time around I would inform everyone what the doctors told me and I personally got my hopes up for those dates! It kept getting pushed back and my heart kept getting crushed. I will let you know that I had a cat scan two weeks ago and things are looking great and I’m feeling even better! All the bones are connected and healing and are in perfect alignment. Bones have a timeframe of there own, different for everyone in healing. I am in physical therapy and will be back very soon!” She also talks about receiving a phone call from “Stone Cold”” Steve Austin after reading about her last clavicle surgery on WWE.com. {Candice Michelle blog}

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— IGN.com has revealed the box art for the upcoming Raw vs. SmackDown 2009 video game. This year’s cover features Shawn Michaels and Triple H. {Box Art Cover}

— ZWire.com has a small article on WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young. {Article link}

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