— Mike Johnson of pwinsider.com reports that the word backstage among talent is that David Kreizman – one of the lead writers for WWE – has given his notice that he will be leaving the company. His departure would make three lead writers to leave WWE in the last few months, although he would be the first among them to quit.

— Johnson also reports that there will be multiple staffing changes in WWE developmental when NXT moves to Winter Park, Florida. The general consensus in NXT is that Steve Keirn will no longer be involved once the move is made while others will be transferred to different positions and some may even leave the company.

Take the following two notes as backstage rumors:

— Monday’s Raw script was reportedly re-written mid-afternoon by Vince McMahon after he was not happy at the original booking. McMahon consulted Paul Heyman and Wayne Keown (Zeb Colter) in the re-write with minimal input from Stephanie McMahon.

— As reported earlier, a few of the WWE storylines currently being developed are based off of real life dynamics. Stephanie McMahon being interrupted and the McMahon family story may be based on some real-life tension between the involved parties over the booking in recent weeks.