The players’ insertion in foreign leagues and the return of the principal couples of the beach volley to the world circuit – these are  two of the principal innovations of the Cuban volleyball for the upcoming 2015.

The innovations for the next year were advanced by the president of the Cuban Federation of Volleyball, Ariel Saínz, in a dialog with Radio Havana Cuba.

“We are in touch with the clubs interested in Cuban players. Now we have to evaluate the process in order that in an organized way they could produce the fruits that we wait for”, underlined Sainz.

The sports leader added that the leagues of Japan, Indonesia and Turkey are those of major possibilities for the insertion of Cuban volleyball athletes.

“We are thinking about having the possibility of in January some players go out to reinforce some clubs in some leagues of our interest. There are different clauses that the clubs must fulfill, but we are sure that in January the Cuban presence is very possible in international scenes”.


He rejected at the moment the contracting’s of Cuban players in Leagues of the first level as those of Italy and Russia and clarified that the Cuban Federation designed a program thinking about leagues that “in these moments they adjust at the level of performance of our players “.

” The Cuban teams are in transition, our players are developing progressively and we do not want to give such a big jump, want to be creating a setting in our players in order that they adapt to this system that is totally new for them “, he said.

Taken from Radio Habana (Edited by Raul Rodriguez)

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