Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Carmella have already started building to tonight’s number one contenders match on WWE SmackDown Live.

The three women will compete in a triple threat match tonight where the winner will earn a SmackDown Live Women’s Championship match at the WWE Royal Rumble.

Carmella was the first to comment, listing that; she’s not blond, not from a legacy, was the last draft pick, not one of the four horsewomen, has no famous parents, and didn’t parachute from another spot.

She went on to say that she’s been overlooked and underestimated from day one but she’s out here doing her own damn thing.

•not blonde
•didn’t come from a legacy
•was the LAST overall draft pick
•not one of the 4 horsewomen
•no famous parents
•didn’t parachute from another sport

I’ve been overlooked and underestimated since day one. But I’m out here doing the damn thing! PERIODDDTTTT!

— MELLA I$ MONEY (@CarmellaWWE) January 7, 2019

Flair then responded by agreeing that she’s had a silver spoon and has a legacy, but that she has also ran with the weight of that on her back. Flair stated that they should figure out how to make themselves better rather than talking about how she got here.

Silver spoon? Yup. Legacy? You’re damn right.

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I had a head start. I’ve also ran with the weight of this legacy on my back.

Figure out how to make yourselves better, as opposed to talking about how I got here. I’m not slowing down.

— Charlotte Flair (@MsCharlotteWWE) January 7, 2019

The tweet went down well until she was called out by Becky Lynch who showed that Charlotte had actually just cropped her face onto another body.

My god, she’s moved on to stealing other people’s bodies now. 😂

— The Man (@BeckyLynchWWE) January 7, 2019