– WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has officially invited Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to appear on his Steve Austin Show podcast. First, Austin tweeted:

“Fixing to talk to my buddy Brian Knobs of the Nasty Boys for #steveaustinshow Unleashed. Should be highly entertaining. Coming soon.”

The Rock responded:

“@steveaustinBSR Ask him about when he and Jeff Jarrett got me drunk in Nashville when I was 15. Helluva night! #PieAllNightLong”

Austin then officially extended the invite:

“@TheRock Alright, I’m officially inviting you for a session of BS on the #steveaustinshow. What’s it gonna be? The people demand it.”

– Antonio Cesaro has once again acknowledged fans who hold up “Cesaro Section” signs at WWE TV tapings. Regarding last night’s Survivor Series, he tweeted:

“The second #CesaroSwing was dedicated to the #CesaroSection #SurvivorSeries”

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