It was previously reported that WWE has announced that Jinder Mahal will defend his WWE title against AJ Styles next week on SmackDown Live. It was previous announced that AJ Styles was supposed to battle Rusev next week on SmackDown Live, where the winner of that match will join The Men’s Smackdown Live Survivor Series Team.
It was previously mentioned that it is unclear why WWE has abruptly set up The WWE Title Match which could have been one of the main event matches for next year’s WWE Royal Rumble PPV. It was also mentioned that WWE could have done this due to either of two reasons. If AJ Styles does win The WWE Title, then that could mean that Jinder Mahal may be injured and he would need to heal because WWE would need him to be healthy for the upcoming tour in India and if Jinder mahal does lose, what could that mean for The Champion vs Champion Showdown at Survivor Series. If Jinder Mahal retains, then it could have been done to help improve the ratings of the show which has been really bad for the past couple of weeks.
It is unclear whether the match between AJ Styles and Rusev is still going to happen and if it will, when. Styles is still expected to be on The Men’s SmackDown Live Survivor Series Team as the idea seems to be to stack both Raw and SmackDown with all the baby-faces as the only person who is a heel on either team is Samoa Joe.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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