According to, WWE star Paige is backstage for Raw tonight in San Antonio, however, her role for the show remains unknown.

As we noted over the weekend, Paige’s in-ring career in WWE appears to be over as she was told last week by officials that she will not be cleared to return to the ring following injuries related to her neck.

The PWInsider report adds Paige appeared on Lilian Garcia’s “Chasing Glory” podcast last week and revealed after she had her last neck surgery, her doctors advised her not to return to the ring. Paige was, however, able to receive medical clearance from WWE doctors so she decided to make a return to the ring.

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Paige’s most recent injury came on December 28th when Sasha Banks hit her with a stiff double leg kick during a six-woman tag team match. Despite the injury coming at the hands of Banks, there is said to be no backstageĀ heat on Banks for the injury, as it was regarded as an accident that could have happened to or by anyone in the ring.

With regards to Paige’s future in the ring, it is certainly possible, much like with Daniel Bryan, that she could return to in-ring competition if she ever leaves WWE and wrestles elsewhere. As for her WWE role moving forward, the company could use her in a number of non-wrestling ways, such as roles in WWE Studios movies, or as an on-air character similar to that of Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan.

WWE does have plans to air a special advanced screening over WrestleMania weekend of the WWE Studios movie “Fighting with My Family”.

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PWInsider, Above Video Courtesy of SVRDude