Baker Mayfield doesn’t forget. He holds grudges.

We’ve seen it with Hue Jackson, and we’re seeing it with Cleveland sports-talk show host Tony Grossi.

Mayfield went after Grossi on Twitter for comparing Kyler Murray to Johnny Manziel, coming to Murray’s defense.

“[Grossi] also said he would retire if the Browns drafted me,” Mayfield wrote on Twitter on Monday. “So does anything he say have truth to it? Couldn’t be more any more wrong. There is no comparison to even be made about Kyler. He’s a winner and if you don’t see that, something is wrong with you.”

Murray is this draft’s most polarizing prospect, a baseball star, too, who measures at just 5-foot-10 — previously unheard of for a quarterback, yet the evolving league places a greater emphasis on athleticism.

A year ago, Grossi made a similar comparison of Mayfield to Manziel — a Browns hothead who flamed out of the NFL in no time — and said he would be “done” if the Browns drafted Mayfield, believing he was far from an elite quarterback prospect.

Mayfield, who went on to break the rookie passing touchdown record with 27, clearly hasn’t forgotten.

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