On Monday’s episode of RAW, Triple H returned to announce that WWE’s board of directors has voted to relieve Vince McMahon of his day-to-day corporate duties. Although McMahon remains WWE’s Chairman and CEO, the storyline of Triple H taking over WWE is reality-based.

With his son-in-law Triple H assuming more power behind the scenes,

While nothing is set in stone, the current plan is for Vince McMahon to remain in his role until WrestleMania 28 – when his son-in-law Triple H really would take over many of Vince’s position as the ‘top dog’ in WWE. Even after Vince turns over the reigns to Triple H, he will obviously remain very influential, overseeing the corporate and creative aspects of the company’s operations.

If it seems like we’ve seen Vince McMahon written out of WWE storylines in dramatic fashion before – that’s because Monday’s angle marks the fifth straight year that it’s happened. Back in 2007 he was blown up in a limousine, but that angle was dropped a week later due to the Chris Benoit tragedy. In 2008 saw the RAW set fall on top of him. In 2009, he sold WWE to Donald Trump in the storylines but was back on television within a few months. Last year, Vince was brutally attacked by Nexus and put into a coma.

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(Source: f4wonline.com)