The United States Championship is not going to be receiving an updated look in the near future. The Florence Civic Center in South Carolina tweeted an advertisement for an upcoming WWE event which features current US Champion Baron Corbin displaying a different title than the one he currently carries on Smackdown. Fans have been able to verify that the title is a fake image that a fan created on Reddit. WWE usually sends these advertisements to the arenas for them to put out, so it would appear as though someone working behind the scenes for WWE used the wrong title for the image. The original posts from the arena’s social media pages have since been deleted.


New #WWE United States championship belt revealed?!? Promotional photo released by Florence Civic Center today apparently reveals new championship belt design? Stay tuned. Image courtesy Florence Civic Center Facebook page. #florence #wweunitedstateschampionship #baroncorbin #PWInsider #prowrestling @baroncorbinwwe
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NXT will be airing on the WWE Network tonight as usual, but the developmental brand is also going to be returning to Orlando this evening to tape new shows. PWInsider reported today that the company will be taping the shows from Full Sail later tonight. The plan is to tape about four upcoming episodes of NXT tonight before leaving for a few months due to scheduling conflicts with the arena. After they finish taping shows in Full Sail University tonight, the NXT brand will begin to tape their next several batch of shows from Atlanta, Georgia at Center Stage. However, a brand new episode of NXT will be airing on the WWE Network later on tonight.
TMZ revealed yesterday that David Otunga and Jennifer Hudson’s split is still in effect. Otunga has since been given primary parental custody for the couple’s son David Jr. and they also confirmed that Hudson dropped her order of protection against Otunga recently. TMZ updated their story today, revealing that the order was dropped since it is clear that Otunga will not be living with Hudson or their son anymore. Hudson filed the order to protect her son from David. Hudson is now committed to serving as a mother for her son despite her busy schedule. Sources close to Hudson also say that she has no issue testifying against Otunga in court, and there were reportedly witnesses who can back up the story of an altercation breaking out between the former couple.

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