ATLANTA — Rams wide receiver Brandin Cooks is bringing a special guest to Super Bowl LIII.

Cooks gave Alfonso Garcia, a day porter for the Rams, a pair of tickets for Sunday’s big game. He also paid for the flight and hotel accommodations for Garcia and his son.

“Oh, man, Alfonso — the guy is special, man,” Cooks said, according to USA Today. “He keeps our locker room in tip-top shape. He has such a special soul. Someone that I found myself drawn to once I got there and I see him around the facility all the time. I just felt like it would be special for him to see that he is part of this success, as well, and I wanted him to be able to be at the Super Bowl with his son and enjoy it.”

Cooks is in his second straight Super Bowl, after going with the Patriots last season. He will try to beat his former mates with Garcia in the stands.

Patriots guard Joe Thuney not only has played every single down on offense this season, but he will be the first player in NFL history to start in the Super Bowl his first three seasons in the league, according to a Patriots official.

“I would have thought they were crazy if they told me that would happen,’’ Thuney said Tuesday. “I’m just fortunate to have been drafted here. I try not to look too far ahead. But yeah, its crazy. I’ve had some great memories and I’m trying to not take it for granted and soak it in.’’

This is certainly putting the cart before the horse, and Rams coach Sean McVay would not do that when asked if the Rams would visit the White House if they beat the Patriots in Super Bowl LIII.

“I think the biggest thing is if we’re fortunate to win this game, then we talk about what’s next with regards to those steps and that’s exactly how we’ll approach it,’’ McVay said.

“The first thing is we got to win this game and that’s going to be a great challenge for us. That’s really where we’re at. … The luxuries and some of the opportunities that are presented as a result of winning are things we’ll have to think through as an organization after this.’’

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