Just recently, Braun Strowman took a polar plunge at Pike Lake just outside of Hartford, Wisconsin. FOX6 News Milwaukee was there to stream the event where Strowman and a number of fans gathered to raise money for The Boys & Girls Clubs Of Washington County.
Strowman (who wasn’t wearing a pad or anything around his elbow that recently underwent minor surgery) pulled off a cannonball into the frigid waters. The fund raiser is currently at $2,853, surpassing its goal of $2,000. After making his way out of the waters, Strowman was interviewed (video below) about the event taking shape in barely over a day’s notice.
“We might have to turn this into a big event and get like, I don’t know, 10,000 people out here,” Strowman said. “We have about 1,000 people out here on 30 hours of notice, so I’m not too mad about that. We’ll somehow figure out, we’ll get WWE involved, the local charities, and next year we’ll have a really big event.”

He was then asked why he wanted to jump into the icy waters in the first place, as seen below:
“I was going to do it, one, because I’ve never done it,” Strowman began. “And two, I legit take ice baths all the time and I thought, ‘Oh, that would be kind of fun!’ But then I thought, ‘Wait a second, I bet I could raise some money to see me jump into a lake.’ WWE and I worked together, literally 24 hours we put this thing together.”
Strowman, who has been out of action following elbow surgery, will return to WWE TV on Monday’s RAW in Orlando to promote his Royal Rumble Match with WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, who will also be on Monday’s show.
You can check out Strowman’s jump at the nine minute mark in the video below:

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