Britney Spears has a message to fans who think she’s not in control of her Instagram account … or her life, for that matter. 

As the #FreeBritney movement rages on amid concerns that the singer was forced to seek mental health treatment this past April against her will, the pop superstar is making it clear that nobody is pulling the strings when it comes to her social media. 

Spears posted a short clip of herself on Tuesday shutting down the rumors in a video showing her modeling different dresses to what else, Rihanna’s “Man Down.”

“For those of you who don’t think I post my own videos, I did this video yesterday,” she said in the video. “So … you’re wrong, but I hope you like it.”

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Spears drove her point home by going on an Instagram spree, later sharing a still from the video in a separate post and then a photo of herself lounging on a peacock pool float in a bikini. 

Since her highly publicized mental health issues in 2007, Spears’ father, Jamie, has been in control of her business and personal affairs under a restrictive conservatorship, which has recently come under public scrutiny.

Fans first speculated that Spears’ management might be controlling her Instagram account when a clip from what appeared to be a March 2018 video was posted to her account earlier this month. 

Spears shared the clip the day after her manager, Larry Rudolph, said the singer may never perform again live given her recent personal struggles as of late. 

After canceling her new Las Vegas residency show “Domination” in January, the “Toxic” singer announced she was taking an “indefinite work hiatus” to take care of her ailing father, who’d recently undergone a life-threatening surgery. 

“It was the perfect storm,” Rudolph said of the decision to step out of the spotlight. “We had to pull her show because her meds stopped working and she was distraught over her dad’s illness.” 

Months after scrapping the residency, Spears completed a 30-day stint in at a mental health treatment facility to help manage emotional distress caused by her father’s health issues. 

Despite Spears’ insistence that “all is well” in an April Instagram post, however, she’s reportedly asked the judge to consider ending the decade-long conservatorship during a courtroom appearance in a Los Angeles courtroom in May.

The singer apparently raised “issues with medical care,” her children and other financial matters with the judge, as #FreeBritney protesters gathered outside the building.  

The judge then ordered an expert 730 evaluation of the case, which is typically used for parents in divorce cases to assess mental health and competency, with the next hearing scheduled for September.

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