Sky Sports F1 commentator and former F1 driver Martin Brundle believes a huge amount of resources and energy have been spent this year, only for cars to fail the overtake litmus test.

In his post-Grand Prix column for Sky, Brundle marvels at the trackside spectacle and speed of the new-spec cars but laments drivers ability to closely follow and pass another car.

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“We know that wet races are often very exciting with limited grip, when they are 20 seconds per lap slower,” Brundle wrote.

“We know that MotoGP can be very exciting, and they lap nearly half a minute slower. It’s not purely about speed. Cars often look fastest when they are sliding around and/or side by side.

“The teams have worked to the wrong brief, the cars have become too heavy, too quiet, too complex and expensive, and too aero dependent. We’ve wasted billions of dollars on this tech fest.”

Brundle believes all hope is not lost however, and would like a chance to assess F1’s state of affairs on a diversity of tracks even if he’s convinced the sport’s managers have their work cut out for them in the future.

“Other tracks will generate better racing, and I’m relishing a Ferrari and Mercedes duel with hopefully Red Bull joining in.

“But Ross Brawn and his team have a critical job ahead of them and we can’t wait until 2021 for the solution.

“One early fix might be to mandate two pit-stops but that would require unanimity from the teams for this season, although I’m not entirely sure that would change much except for some variability.

“Let’s see what Shanghai and Bahrain bring.”

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