Jenson Button wants the pinnacle of motor racing to be ‘untouchable and unreachable’ for anybody but the very best drivers in the world.

The 2009 World Champion believes there should be huge divide between Formula 1 and its feeder categories such as GP2, while he also thinks that the sport’s planned qualifying tweak isn’t necessary.

“Formula 1 needs to be loud. It needs to be crazy fast,” Button told selected media on Tuesday.

“It needs to be almost untouchable, unreachable for most people, it’s not at the moment.”

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“Drivers in GP2 are driving around two or three seconds slower than us and other categories as well. There needs to be a bigger step up.

“Kids should be excited about the prospect of seeing a Formula 1 car, and hearing one. I think that’s lost a little bit.

“Hopefully next year with these new rules we’ll get a bit of that back, but there still needs to be a bit more sound, I think.

“I still think it’s still a sexy, fun sport. I just think we need a little bit more noise, and then it’s even better.”

Button believes future regulations changes, such as those scheduled to be introduced in 2017, must focus on increasing mechanical grip, the only means by which cars and drivers will be made to excel according to the British driver.

“If we have a lot more mechanical grip the racing will still be great, but the cars will seem much quicker in corners, which is good because then the driver fitness is important, and the driver possibly could be the limiting factor in a corner, which is exactly what we need as it is a sport.”

As for the changes to F1’s qualifying format, which has been delayed for technical reasons, Button remains unconvinced, as it may lead to confusion among fans.

“I think it’s important for Formula 1 as a whole to understand that we always need to look for more possibilities to make the sport better and maybe this will be great for the fans and they’ll enjoy it.

“I just hope they understand it, because personally it’s very confusing and I know the sport pretty well. If it works correctly and the fans like it, I love it, because that’s s a big part of our sport.

“But I like the system now, and if this new knockout system will be better, I don’t know, but it seems very complicated.”

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