It might be time to take another look at the tape, Charley Casserly.

The former Redskins GM turned NFL Network analyst had a rough start to free agency’s tampering period Monday while weighing in on Cowboys receiver Cole Beasley. During his discussion about the wideout, Casserly said the offense needs to get Beasley more involved, as Dez Bryant was targeted too many times in the last year.

Problem is, Bryant was let go from Dallas in April.

It wasn’t long before Twitter began poking fun at Casserly’s missteps, with Bryant himself ultimately chiming in.

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Before last year’s NFL draft, Charley Casserly called Josh Rosen…

“I know y’all not gonna kill Stephen A Smith off, but let Charley Casserly off the hook for saying the #Cowboys threw to Dez too much last year!” former linebacker and current ESPN analyst Emmanuel Acho tweeted, to which Bryant replied, “This is hilarious don’t let him off the hook world.”

Bryant signed with the Saints last fall but missed the season due to injury.

Casserly’s offseason has come under scrutiny after strongly worded takedowns of Kyler Murray and Josh Rosen were publicly questioned. Casserly’s motives were also scrutinized in Murray’s case, given that the Heisman winner opted not to use the company Casserly works for preparing prospects for pre-draft interviews.

Meanwhile, Casserly also took heat for fumbling Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly’s name while pleading for Browns defensive coordinator Steve Wilks to add fellow linebacker C.J. Mosley to his roster.

“Steve Wilks, he is your Ryan Kuechly,” Casserly said.

Unfortunately for Cleveland, the opportunity to acquire Mosley is now gone as he is expected to sign a five-year, $85 million deal with the Jets.

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