Adam Gase won’t be the only one facing questions Monday.

This was the first big hire the Jets have made under CEO Christopher Johnson. He will have to answer for it.

Here are three things we want to know from Johnson:

1. Were the reports of Gase clashing with ownership in Miami a concern?

The Miami Herald reported Gase yelled at Dolphins owner Stephen Ross during a conversation about personnel. You would think that would give Johnson pause. We’ll see if it did and how he got past it if it was a concern. It is not just Gase’s relationship with the owner that we need more information on. He reportedly clashed with plenty of people around the Dolphins. Does Johnson worry about that here?

2. Why do you feel that he is the right person to change the culture inside the Jets?

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Johnson issued a few statements in a press release the Jets sent out Friday, when they announced the hiring of Gase. One line in there caught my attention: “Adam was the person who will help us establish a winning program and a winning culture.”

The word culture is interesting. The Jets had discipline issues under Todd Bowles that showed up with penalties at the worst times and players showing up late (Trumaine Johnson was the latest). Gase is known as a Type A personality who won’t put up with much. How much of a factor was that for Johnson beyond the X’s and O’s that Gase brings?

3. Why not Mike McCarthy?

Don’t expect a straight answer here, but this is the one candidate who seemed to capture the support of many fans because he had won a Super Bowl in Green Bay. I doubt Johnson will address individual candidates from the search, but the question should be asked.

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