– WWE.com has an article comparing Vince McMahon and Britney Spears, calling them “two peas in a crazy pod”. WWE claims to have contacted a psychiatrist for the article, who compared both of them in terms of Breakdowns, Not Used to Hearing ‘No’, Frayed Family Ties and Unholy Matrimony.

– Reality TV star and former wrestling champion Chyna is featured once again by celebrity news site TMZ.com. She and her publicist told TMZ cameras that she is in talks with the producers of hit TV show “Dancing with the Stars”.

– Seaking of Dancing with the Stars, The Sun, a UK newspaper, reports that Hulk Hogan’s daughter Brooke is also trying to walk in the footsteps of Stacy Keibler and get a spot on the popular ABC series. The article mentions how Hulk’s newfound mainstream attention from “American Gladiators” could help Brooke’s chances.

Pictures of STACY KEIBLER from Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show .. What a Beauty!