Cole Beasley is trying to let Jerry Jones off the hook.

A day after the wide receiver tweeted his frustrations about the Cowboys front office having more to do with his low priority in the offense instead of coordinator Scott Linehan, Beasley attempted to walk back some of the blame.

“Some are misunderstanding my point,” Beasley tweeted Wednesday. “EVERY team’s gameplan in pro sports is dictated by the front office. Big free agent additions, high draft picks, etc are going to get the most opps. And I’m not mad at that! Lol I just want to help my team win. All good players want the rock.”

Beasley’s message had been received a little differently on Tuesday.

The 5-foot-8 pending free agent had tweeted that “Utilization is more important than money,” with regard to where he plays next season. When someone brought up that Linehan had been fired, seemingly suggesting that his role might increase, Beasley had a different take.

“Honestly, the front office pushes who they want to get the ball to,” Beasley said in one tweet. “I haven’t been a huge priority in that regard. Maybe that will change but I’m not sure. More balls come my way in 2 minute drill where nothing is planned.”

Beasley had the most receptions (65) of any Cowboys wide receiver this year, though Amari Cooper cut into those after Jones traded for the No. 1 threat in the middle of the season.

The 29-year-old Beasley has been a mainstay for the Cowboys since signing as an undrafted free agent in 2012. He isn’t the kind of big-time free agent or high draft pick he said gets most of the targets, but he made it clear that’s what he’ll be looking for wherever he plays next year.

“Doesn’t mean I’m gone,” Beasley wrote in another tweet. “I’ll play anywhere where I can make more of an impact. I would love for that to be Dallas or anywhere else that will give me more pops to make an impact. I just wanna ball. It’s hard with 3 to 4 opps a game.”

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