Daniel Bryan may have been cleared to return to the ring earlier this year, but that does not mean that he will be sticking around in WWE. Remember that Bryan had previously been teasing that he would leave WWE later this year and continue to wrestle elsewhere if WWE did not clear him. According to PWStream, Bryan still has not signed any sort of new deal to stay with WWE and the company has reportedly been hesitant to put him in a major program as a result. Bryan has said that his WWE contract expires on September 1st, and although past reports have mentioned that he will likely remain in WWE, the former world champion has still not re-signed with the company as of yet.

Per sources: Daniel Bryan is still yet to sign a new deal with WWE. As such, the company are tentative with their plans for him moving forward.
— PWStream (@PWStream) May 28, 2018

Last night’s edition of Monday Night Raw featured Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas (now known as The B Team) hosting a Memorial Day BBQ with most of the other tag teams on Raw. Reddit user wickedsfinx has obtained a script and booking sheet for the segment and he posted both of them online. It turns out that the segment was produced by Road Dogg and Dean Malenko and was supposed to run for about eight minutes. The script contains most of the lines that were used in the segment, and a ‘writer’s checklist’ gives a brief rundown of all of the keynotes that the segment was supposed to hit. Fans can view the script for themselves here and they can see the checklist right here.

Chad Gable has begun a small singles career for himself ever since he was moved over to Monday Night Raw as part of this year’s Superstar Shakeup. Given that he and Jason Jordan are now on the same brand, fans have been wondering if the American Alpha tag team will be reuniting as soon as Jordan returns to the ring. Jordan has been backstage at recent Raw shows and is likely to come back soon. Jordan had been in the midst of a huge push as Kurt Angle’s storyline son and Seth Rollins’ tag team partner, but given that Chad Gable has been feuding with Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler on Raw by himself lately, Bryan Alvarez speculated on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE might be reuniting American Alpha soon.

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