WWE Superstar, Dash Wilder and AEW’s Joey Janela got into an interaction on Twitter this weekend, with both men mocking each other.

Both men were at UFC this weekend with a fan telling Joey Janela to go and find The Revival member, with the AEW star questioning whether he is the bald one or the one with hair.

The two men continued going back and forth with Dash Wilder stating that he would be looking for the man with Enzo’s handprint on his face. But Janela didn’t hold back in responding either, stating it is a shame they weren’t stuck in Saudi Arabia for three more days.

Please don’t. https://t.co/w58Zvqa3at

— Dash (@DashWilderWWE) November 3, 2019

I’ll look for the face that’s running away with Enzo’s hand imprint on it https://t.co/7IqglVGVwP

— Dash (@DashWilderWWE) November 3, 2019

I offer you a claw as a bridge of peace and you Unfortunately acted very rude, Shame that you guys weren’t stuck in Saudi for another 3 days…. https://t.co/3cbYvjN9Xr

— Bad Boy Joey Janela (@JANELABABY) November 3, 2019

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