— One WWE Diva hopeful moved all the way from Australia to the United States over the weekend to start at the Ohio Valley Wrestling wrestling school. She started there this week. You can see her MySpace page at this link. As announced yesterday, WWE cut ties with Ohio Valley Wrestling as a developmental territory, instead opting to have all of their contracted developmental talent ply their trade in one place, that being Florida Championship Wrestling. This Diva hopeful is not the only one being left out in the cold as a few indy wrestlers such as April Hunter’s husband JD Michaels, Mason Raige and Damian Adams relocated and uprooted their lives to Louisville, Kentucky in hopes of being noticed by WWE through OVW. Also, released wrestlers such as JTG of Cryme Tyme, Ryan Reeves and Chris Cage would go back to OVW in hopes of being noticed by WWE again. According to their website, FCW plans on starting up a wrestling school for WWE hopefuls in the near future, but for the time being, they’re going to be left to fend for themselves on the indy scene just like everyone else.

— Cassidy Riley,who was released by WWE on Monday, commented on his departure from the company on his MySpace page: “Well as you probably know by now, my time at WWE has come to an end.As of Monday , Feb.4, 2008, I was released from the company. I would like to thank all of my fans who have been VERY supportive. I would like to thank Al Snow, for being a great trainer. One of the first lessons I ever learned in this business, is that you nevr stop learning, every time you get in the ring learn something new, and with Al he made that so easy.Thanks AL! I would like to thank Danny Davis for being a father figure to me the past year. I could always go talk to Danny about anything, and he would listen and give me advice. I am truely sorry that OVW will no longer be part of the WWE..its really is the end of an era. I am just glad I was part of that era. Thanks also to KC , maybe one day we will get a REAL chance to show the world how great we really are as a tag team! Many people have asked whats next for me?!? Lets just say I am not planning on retiring anytime soon! But for the next few weeks, I am gonna make up for some lost time with my wife Dee Dee, my dog Mali Mae, and my entire family.” Riley’s also accepting indy bookings through the page.

— The Rock was announced as a nominee for Best Actor in this year’s Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards, which will take place during WrestleMania weekend on Friday, March 29 in Los Angeles.

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