TNA President Dixie Carter spoke to Fred Tropel of and explained that TNA Wrestling is going up against a corporate juggernaut that will stop at nothing to put them out of business.

“Our competition may not have the same opinion that competition is good for an industry and take every opportunity to try to shut us down,” she said. “I mean, it is the truest of David-and-Goliath situations, but we are scrappy. We will not take no for an answer, and we are going to have great success.”

With everything that WWE has going for them, Carter believes her company has a better in ring product and knows what the fans want.

“I think that these days you don’t have to be a bigger-than-life cartoon character. I mean, it’s much more about reality and what these guys can do in the ring. They are amazing athletes,” Carter said. “I can have an all-pro football player, an NBA star on, and they say, ‘We could never do something like this.’ You have no off season. It’s 52 weeks a year, and then we tour in between that. These guys are incredible athletes, and we do focus on the athleticism on our show much, much more.”

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