Extreme Thoughts – Behind the the stripes with ECW original John Finegan, the man who was with ECW from the very beginning to the very end, has uploaded a new episode!
In it, Finegan – who was the official for many of Funk’s ECW matches – discusses the man behind the madman. What was it like being in the ring with Terry Funk? Was he really “middle-aged and crazy” or was it all part of the act? The answers may surprise you.
So many of the ECW originals have gone out of their way to praise Terry Funk and what he did for ECW, even Paul Heyman has stated, “There couldn’t have been an ECW without Terry Funk.”
In our latest episode we discuss why that is, and go into never before told details. You can find the episode on iTunes or the Google Play store or anywhere you find your favorite podcasts!
Check out www.callingitinthering.com for more information.
Also be sure to join us on December 8th at the ECW arena for the Icon’s of Wrestling convention for your chance to sit and talk ECW with John Finegan and Justin Credible! We will also have WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana at our booth so be sure to stop by

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