WWE Hall of Famer Adam “Edge” Copeland will be returning to television next month, only this time the 11-time world champion will be trading in his tights for a battle axe! Or, you know… whatever it is that big, hulking Norse warlords wield.

After a couple of successful film roles, a one-off appearance in Flash and an impressive 52-episode run on Haven, Copeland will be joining the History channel’s well-received Vikings series, which returns for season five this Wednesday night. While his character won’t appear until episode five on December 20th, the wrestling legend noted that the story will begin planting seeds with this week’s premiere.

In anticipation of his new character – a Norseman named Kjetill Flatnose – Edge sat down with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated for a detailed interview. Below are a few highlights from the conversation.

How pro wrestling prepared him for a career in acting: 

“It’s similar in terms of the physicality. WWE fans are also fiercely loyal. If we as wrestlers try other things, they come with us. It speaks to wrestling as a whole when we can do other projects, and it’s almost like it validates the wrestling fans,” … “WWE is entertainment boot camp. It prepares you for pretty much anything you want to try in entertainment.”

On Vince McMahon being his harshest director: 

“There are not many with Vince’s work ethic, and I think what that does is breeds it in a lot of his performers, especially the ones that make it to the top. If it isn’t already in you, it will be taught to you by Vince, whose go-to was usually to push, not praise, but that was OK with me.”

“WWE is live and you have a live microphone with time to fill. There are no real time cues, you have eight cameras on you, and you have to keep track of which camera is hot while still interacting with the audience. If you flub a line or lose track of what you’re saying, the crowd is going to jump on you quickly. It’s amazing training, and Vince is the head of that training.”


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