It turns out, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Scott Pruitt’s plan to gut environmental protections is wildly unpopular as a call for public comment amassed nearly 60,000 responses that ranged from simply “No” to passionate reminders that the “EPA is for the people.”

The public comment period, which closed on Monday, gave voters a chance to weigh-in on President Donald Trump’s effort to “alleviate unnecessary regulatory burdens,” as stated in a February executive order that directed federal agencies to “evaluate existing regulations…and make recommendations…regarding their repeal, replacement, or modification.”

Pruitt, who as EPA administrator is charged with enforcing the nation’s environmental laws, has long been a foe of regulations and upon taking office also vowed an “aggressive” rollback of rules protecting clean air and water. 

With a number of important regulations already dismantled and many more on the chopping block, the public was asked to give input—and respond they did.

“Why the HELL is this even a question? Why the HELL do we have to protest on behalf of facts?” one wrote, referencing the Trump administration’s widespread War on Science. “Maybe you’ll all be happy when our planet is dead and the entire coast of the country is underwater. It is despicable that you think your opinion somehow trumps facts and scientific evidence. I don’t understand how someone can be so unimaginably stupid. I’m a scientist, and I can’t wrap my head around it.”

One anonymous respondent succinctly declared “Earth over party!” while another thoughtfully extolled the benefits of regulations: