Attention all Riverdale fans: If you were hoping for even more Archie Comics-related television, there’s some good news. Vulture just announced that The CW has picked up another Riverdale spin-off called Katy Keene. Ahead of the show’s release, here’s everything we know so far.

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Who’s in the cast?

Lucy Hale, whom you’ll probably recognize from her time on Pretty Little Liars, will play the titular character Katy, an aspiring fashion designer living in New York City. Hale will also be joined by Riverdale‘s Ashleigh Murray, who will be playing her Riverdale character, aspiring singer Josie McCoy, on the new show.

What’s the show about?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series will follow four Archie Comics characters, including Katy and Josie, “trying to make it on Broadway, the runway, and in the recording studio” as twenty-something aspiring artists in New York City. In case that didn’t already give it away, the site also reported that the show will be a “musical dramedy.”

Will there be any Riverdale crossovers?

It doesn’t seem like it. The CW president Mark Pedowitz told reporters that Katy Keene takes place several years ahead of the current Riverdale series, so if anyone from Riverdale were to come to the new show, it would be as their older self. Riverdale writer Michael Grassi has also said that the new show is “very different” from Riverdale, which makes sense if you consider Riverdale‘s other spin-off show Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

But the two shows will share some elements. Katy Keene comes from Riverdale and Sabrina showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, and Aguirre-Sacas and Grassi are writing the pilot episode, while Maggie Kiley (who has also directed episodes of Riverdale and Sabrina) will direct.

What has the cast said so far?

Once it was announced that the show would be picked up, Hale took to Twitter to express her excitement. She wrote, “KATY KEENE is officially picked up to series and I’m actually In tears. So excited about this next chapter. This show is all about hope and pursuing dreams and the friendships & relationships that bond it all. Actually can’t wait for you all to see this.”

Murray also tweeted, “I‘m playing a girl just trying to make it NYC while actually having been. that. girl. for last 11 yrs. New York City. We deserve each other boo, JUST ACCEPT IT.”

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