Sunday Night Heat is finally on the WWE Network.

WWE this morning posted the first 52 episodes of Sunday Night Heat on their streaming service, starting on the first show from August 2, 1998 through the July 25, 1999 episode. These first batch of episodes would end about a month before the show transitioned into a C show as SmackDown would make its debut a month later.

Heat was initally the sister show to WWE Raw, featuring the big stars of WWE doing angles that would carry over to the next night on Raw. Sometimes, Heat would air live on Sundays then Raw would be taped for the following day. When SmackDown started in August of 1999, the big stars were gone. After the brand split in 2002, the show featured Raw talent and would continue to air until 2008 when it was cancelled.

Along with episodes of Sunday Night Heat, WWE Network has also added collections on Mickie James and the Stooges, Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco this month.