LAKELAND, FL — A wildlife encounter between a Florida alligator and a Banded Watersnake didn’t end so well for the snake.

Photographer Linda Waring of BirdWalk Photography told Patch she spotted the hungry alligator and its prey during a recent visit to the Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland, Florida.

“The gator and snake were about 20 feet away in the water,” she explained. “We have taken many photos at this park. There is so much variety of wildlife and we see something different every time we go there.”

The Banded Watersnake, also known as the Southern Watersnake, is non-venemous and ranges in size between 2 to 5 feet, according to Florida State University.

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The Circle B Bar Reserve is a former cattle ranch that was acquired by Polk County and the Southwest Florida Water Management District in 2000.

Waring said she wasn’t afraid of getting too close to her subject.

“‘LOL.’ He was busy,” she confided. “I was only worried when he submerged in the water.”

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