If this is how Ndamukong Suh expresses love, do not get on his bad side.

After footage surfaced Tuesday of the star Rams defensive tackle putting his fingers through Larry Fitzgerald’s facemask Sunday and angling for his eyes, the wide receiver surprisingly came to Suh’s defense.

“Wanted to address the video circulating from Sunday,” Fitzgerald wrote on Twitter on Wednesday morning. “I’ve known @NdamukongSuh since his college days and he’s a close friend of mine. Quality as a person matches his quality as a player.

“That video is just a friend clowning with another friend. No negative intent! It’s all love.”

It’s all strange. The incident had gone mostly unnoticed — including by the officials in Los Angeles’ 31-9 win — until the isolated video hit Twitter. Extended video shows the two standouts and potential Hall of Famers recovering after a gang tackle. Suh reaches for Fitzgerald’s helmet, sticks his fingers inside and pushes. Fitzgerald fights off the advances, then walks back to his huddle without much of a reaction.

Suh has earned a reputation for plays like this and was fined eight times for questionable hits and plays just in his five years with the Lions.

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