— Dustin Rhodes is currently backstage in Orlando, Florida at the TNA pay-per-view. He is expected to start with the company tonight. He last worked in TNA in the spring of 2005. A flare up with his fiancée at an Orlando hotel, combined with the dismissal of his father Dusty Rhodes from the creative team at around the same time, lead to his departure from TNA.

— Former Tough Enough 2 contestant Jesse Ward is leaving TNA. She worked as a producer for the company. Ward, who is close friends with backstage interview girl Leticia Cline, and is majoring in television/video at Emerson College in Boston, helped film parodies of the movies “Basic Instinct” & “Risky Business” with Leticia and some other TNA stars to help Leticia win this contest called “Hometown Hotties” for Maxim Magazine. Apparently, Ward got suspended for uploading the videos to YouTube. After her suspension ended, they opted not to bring her back. It should be noted that TNA hosts all their videos on YouTube, including the TNA Today show. Ward’s videos were deleted a few days later. The “Basic Instinct” video was posted up on soon after for the contest. Another reason for Ward’s dismissal may be that TNA has hired some producers to work in-house full time for the company as well. Ward’s a college student in Massachusetts, so she can’t work for TNA on a full-time basis obviously. Ward was considered to be a really hard worker by some as she had a hard work ethic and would put in tons of hours working on production pieces when needed. However, Ward was also considered someone that had strong opinions and wasn’t shy at voicing them, which in wrestling is sometimes counter-productive. She was well liked by the wrestlers though.

— TNA filed for trademarks on the terms “Black Machismo” and “Shake and Break” on June 15.

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