This weekend’s NFL conference championship games were much anticipated, in part because the four quarterbacks were among the league’s best: Jared Goff of the Rams, Drew Brees of the Saints, Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs and Tom Brady of the Patriots.

But by the time Sunday’s second game ended, a fifth quarterback was drawing high praise as well: retired signal-caller Tony Romo, formerly of the Dallas Cowboys — and now an analyst for CBS Sports.

Media critics and everyday fans alike acknowledged on social media that Romo’s commentary on the CBS broadcast of the Patriots-Chiefs battle for the AFC championship seemed nearly flawless.

Perhaps Romo’s best call of the night was when he predicted what the Patriots might do on fourth-and-1 late in the fourth quarter, with the Chiefs ahead 21-17.

When Romo saw that Brady was calling an audible, he predicted that the Patriots’ QB would call for a stretch run off the right side. And that’s precisely what happened:

Romo could see the plays before they were happening, including predicting a pass to Julian Edelman on a key overtime play.

And predicting a pass to Rob Gronkowski.

After Sunday night’s game, even Major League Baseball star Bryce Harper was hailing Romo’s soothsaying abilities.

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