In case you didn’t think Gal Gadot was badass enough as Wonder Woman, she also filmed her scenes while pregnant. She wasn’t far along when the initial shoots happened, but Gadot says the re-shoots were a different story entirely. 

The actress is on the cover of Rolling Stone‘s September issue, and she’s using the opportunity to talk more about what it was like to film the wildly successful superhero movie. Shooting some of her scenes required some movie magic because of her baby bump—especially when she had to refilm scenes while further along in her pregnancy.

Clay Enos/Warner Brothers

“We cut open the costume and had this green screen on my stomach,” she said. “It was funny as hell—Wonder Woman with a bump.”

Gadot gave birth to a daughter, Maya, with her husband Yaron Versano in March. Maya joined the couple’s 5-year-old daughter Alma in the now-family of four.

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New little Wonder Women in the world can only be a good thing. 

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