Anti-fracking activists all over the world turned up their megaphones and took to the streets of their communities on Saturday to partipate in the “” as they demanded an end to the destructive practice of hydraulic-fracture drilling that the oil and gas industries are aggressively trying to expand in regions across the planet.

“Across the globe a powerful movement is emerging that rejects policies incentivizing fracked natural gas as a bridge fuel to as sustainable future. Any initiative claiming to promote sustainable energy for all must stimulate energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, not foster fracking for oil and gas,” said Wenonah Hauter, the executive director of  U.S.-based Food & Water Watch, which spear-headed the day of action.

Across the world, other events were being tracked via Twitter under the hashtag #GlobalFrackdown:

#GlobalFrackdown Tweets

In a mission statement signed by the international anti-fracking movement, more than 200 groups from over 40 nations declared:

As part of the effort, many of those same groups on Friday sent a joint letter (pdf) to United Nations Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon urging him and other world leaders to reject inclusion of fracking in any international effort to combat climate change. In part, the letter stated:

From New York, where activists and community members have been pushing to make a state moratorium on fracking permanent, Sandra Steingraber, a professor of biology at Ithaca College and scientific advisor to the group New Yorkers Against Fracking, said: “As a biologist, I know the adverse health and environmental effects of fracking, but I’m also fighting this accident-prone, methane-leaking, carcinogen-dependent industry as a mother, for the sake of my own children and the world I’m leaving to them. Banning fracking in New York will show my young son and daughter—as well as the nation and the world–that the oil and gas industry Goliath can be beaten with a slingshot made of science, love, and political power, and renewable energy solutions.”

Across the Atlantic Ocean, in Wales on Saturday, hundreds of people turned out to declare their opposition to a fracking push by the gas industry in the U.K.