ATLANTA — When Panthers tight end Greg Olsen retires, a career in NFL broadcasting will be waiting for him. Olsen already worked on Fox’s pregame show during the playoffs and, for the second straight year, he will be part of ESPN’s “Super Sunday NFL Countdown.”

Olsen was in the booth for a game for Fox a couple of years ago and he tried out for “Monday Night Football” and “Thursday Night Football” last offseason. A second career is there for Olsen, if he wants it — and it appears he does.

TV Hot Stove: Forbes reported ESPN is negotiating to extend its multibillion-dollar deal with Major League Baseball. ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro is a big baseball supporter and as diehard a Yankees fan as any Bleacher Creature, so this is not surprising. The question of the negotiation is probably not whether ESPN will retain MLB, but how much more will it pick up?

ESPN very well could make a run at Turner’s playoff games, which includes a league championship series each year. Pitaro and his Disney bosses will likely try to add more baseball to ESPN+. To make it work, as a subscriber driver, there likely would need to be some exclusivity. If that even is possible, it won’t be cheap.

Turner still has baseball for at least two more years. It is waiting for its new parent company, AT&T, to fully take over. Turner may want to continue with baseball, but it is unclear how aggressive AT&T will want to be.

These days, there might be no better publicity for a talk show host than to be trolled by the people he is opining about.

Fox Sports’ Rob Parker had that good fortune after he emphatically said on Colin Cowherd’s show that the Patriots would lose to the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game. After the win, the Patriots’ Twitter account, with 4.4 million followers, tweeted at Parker.

It was free advertising for Parker, who hosts a daily evening Fox Sports Radio show on 324 stations around the country with Chris Broussard. In Boston, the Patriots-Parker deal has become a bit of a thing, and Parker will be on WEEI on Friday afternoon for an hour taking calls.

“It’s been crazy, but I think for all the pushback from Boston, but there is a whole NFL America that is right there with me,” Parker said. “Who are like, ‘I’m tired of the Patriots. I don’t want to see them again.’ ”

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