Haas boss Guenther Steiner says the US outfit will be winding down the development of its VF-18 as the team switches its engineering focus to next season’s car.

Gene Haas’ squad has made a step forward in 2018, positioning itself as a leading midfield contender thanks to the efficiency of its Vf-18 design and significant improvements delivered by Ferrari, its power unit supplier.

While Steiner insists his team will fiercely continue to battle for the honorary title of ‘best of the rest’ when racing resumes next week at Spa, the development pace of its current charger will grind to a halt.

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“We started the 2019 car a few weeks ago and there’s no point in developing the 2018 car any longer because if you do continue development, by the time you manufacture the parts, it’s near the end of the season,” Steiner said.

“The gains are too small to use the parts in only two or three races. We do have a few more parts coming, but that’s it for the development of the 2018 car.”

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“They will not be big updates, but we will keep bringing them like everybody else. We’ve learned to produce upgrades, bring them to the car, and have them working.

“This is a step that we have achieved in 2018 that we did not have in 2017.”

Regarding 2019, Steiner also touched upon next year’s rule changes, mainly centered around a significant aerodynamic tweak of the front wing, and the design’s minimal impact on the VF-18’s most recent updates.

“It hasn’t affected the planning,” insisted Steinert.

“Maybe we switched a few sessions before because if we were only making an evolution of the 2018 car for next year, with the same regulations, you could use whatever you learned this year for next year’s car.

“By changing regulations you need to start a little more fresh. So, you have to focus a little bit before and you cannot use what you developed for the 2018 car on the 2019 car.”

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