Just recently, WWE unveiled their new UK Performance Center in London, which offers a 17,000 square foot facility with two training rings, world-class equipment and numerous trainers. This is the first of many projected WWE Performance Centers outside of The United States. Also previously reported, WWE COO Triple H spoke to Inside The Ropes at the event and explained how certain NXT & NXT UK Stars will indeed make the eventual transition to RAW or SmackDown LIVE, but along with that, certain stars will begin to rotate back through the various developmental territories they continue to establish.
Triple H also had an interview with news.com.au at the event, taking the time to discuss what will determine the location of the next, upcoming developmental territory. Triple H explained that passion and a committed fan base are the largest deciding factors of which region they choose and similar to how The UK is, Australia has a pro wrestling scene that may fit the bill.
“It depends on the passion as to where we go first,” Triple H explained. “The passion was so strong here in the UK and there was a massive base. Australia has a good scene happening there right now. We’re obviously keeping an eye on it and working with it, but these are large commitments, so it’s about when we have the level of interest and the belief that there are enough people there for it to succeed.
“We can train people anywhere, but once that boils up to enough passion, enough people and enough interest in the marketplace, then we will go there and reward that passion. We get to put a brand on the ground. We get to put an NXT Australia there. We get to make that scene happen there. I do think that’s a strong possibility.”
For now, Triple H is keeping the options open about where to continue expanding WWE’s developmental territories & NXT Brands. Triple H hopes, with the necessary people, time, and effort, they will have established themselves in Australia and many other places in five years time.
“We’re running the idea across the world, in a lot of different places at the same time, it just comes down to which place boils up first,” Triple H said. “I’d love to do it everywhere now, but it just takes time, effort and people. Our commitment is there and it’s just a matter of time. Hopefully in between four to five years we’re in Australia and a lot of places.”

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