This is actually two wagers, but I think of it as one as I bet the “double result” of halftime winner/game winner on both teams by taking tie/Patriots and tie/Rams. I know we can only hit one of them. Nevertheless, if it’s tied at halftime, we’re guaranteed a juicy profit (note: it also would clinch the “Tied after 0-0” prop as long as there are points on the board).

We basically have created our own “Will the game be tied at halftime?” prop here and would get 13/1 in William Hill’s latest odds if the game is even at the half no matter who wins. We scored with this strategy in Super Bowl LIX and just need to hit it once every few years to show an overall profit.

The plays: Tie at half/Patriots win (13/1) and tie at half/Rams win (13/1).

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