Though some jaws dropped, many laughed, and former White House press secretary was applauded for having a “sense of humor” about the work he did for President Donald Trump, there should be nothing suprising about Sean Spicer’s on-stage appearance at Sunday night’s Emmy Awards.

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And so while some jeered the Emmy’s producers for trying to make a cheap joke or “normalize” Spicer, it was clear that many didn’t find the gag particularly funny.

But taking the criticism a step further, journalist Glenn Greenwald makes the point, in a post at The Intercept Monday morning, that there is nothing shocking—and much that’s very predictable—about a man like Spicer being welcomed into the circles of the elite.

Noting the mix of “shock and indignation” his appearance generated, Greenwald argues there “should be nothing whatsoever surprising about any of this, as it is the logical and necessary outcome of the self-serving template of immunity which DC elites have erected for themselves.” He continues:

And Christian Christensen, journalism professor at Stockholm University and a frequent Common Dreams contributor, put it this way:

And so while George W. Bush, as Greenwald noted in his column, has appeared with smiles on Ellen Degeneres’ daytime show and high-level people who served under him, including press secretary Ari Fleischer and speechwriter, are now embraced by mainstream news outlets and polite members of “liberal” society, there’s little that should be shocking when Spicer drives out on the Emmy’s stage in a motorized podium.

“If you’re someone who employs David Frum or hires Ari Fleischer or treats Bush-era war criminals as respectable and honored sources,” concludes Greenwald, “you really have no standing to object to the paradigm that has ushered Spicer into the halls of elite power.  This is the precedent of elite immunity that has been created, often by the same people who are now so upset that Sean Spicer and his fellow Trump functionaries are the beneficiaries of the framework they helped to install.”