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Impact Wrestling Results
October 4, 2018
Mexico City, Mexico

— Last week Tessa Blanchard defeated AAA champion Faby Apache before being confronted by a returning Taya Valkyrie, setting up a match between the two at Bound for Glory. Plus, Brian Cage inserted himself into the war between oVe and the Lucha Bros., and Austin Aries’ gang of thugs made it clear that they have an iron grip on the Impact World Championship in a main event against Eddie Edwards and Johnny Impact.


Swann immediately took things to the floor with a senton off the apron, followed by a headscissors takedown and an interesting armdrag/snapmare hybrid. The two traded counter-for-counter in a great exchange that quickly devolved into trading wild rights and lefts on the outside. Sydal escaped under the ring, and Don Callis intelligently pointed out that Swann should just go back into the ring and take the count-out victory. Instead, he went under the ring after his opponent and got jabbed in the eyes.

Sydal slowed things down for a few minutes with suplexes and rest holds. He went to the top looking for a hurricanrana, but Swann landed on his feet and responded with a nasty kick to the head, rocking him on the top turnbucke. He tried for a jumping hurricanrana, but Sydal had it scouted and turned it into a powerbomb from the second rope! The referee went to check on Sydal who was faking an injury, but during the distraction a random guy got up on the apron and powerbombed Rich Swann back into the ring. Sydal hit a twisting neckbreaker to score the win.

Winner: Matt Sydal

— The mysterious intruder went to check on Sydal after his fake injury and… it’s Ethan Page! I have no idea how NONE of the spoiler reports picked up on this during the tapings, but ETHAN PAGE IS IN THE IMPACT ZONE!

— In a pre-recorded segment, Eddie Edwards gets a call in his hotel room. Moose is on the other end and is apparently holding his wife Alisha hostage. The agree to meet at an old, closed down bar.

— The “Smoke Show” Scarlett Bordeaux came out and joined the commentary table. Don Callis spilled his water bottle and she said, “it looks like I’m a little wet”. Jesus. Apparently she’s here to scout talent.

— Eli Drake came out and issued an open challenge to anyone in the back. His challenge was answered by… HOLY CRAP it’s La Parka!


I’m sure Impact thought this would be a huge surprise and the fans would go nuts for it, but the Mexican fans knew their AAA/CMLL history and booed the crap out of La Parka. There were even people chanted for “L.A. Park” (the original) and booed the lucha star every time he got in any kind of offense. Parka dominated most of the action and went out to get a steel chair. Drake saw the weapon and ran from the ring, taking a count-out loss over getting murdered.

Winner: La Parka

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