had a very busy tournaments schedule this year. The Greek played all the weeks he could compete into on the ATP Tour. The 20-year-old reached his maiden Grand Slam semifinal in Melbourne but he did not have too much time to rest after that having played in Sofia.

Speaking after his triumph at the Marseille Open, Tsitsipas admitted he faced a lack of motivation in the last weeks. There was a time in between the Australian Open and last week in Rotterdam where I felt a little bit empty inside, I did not feel too much motivated to play.

I was frustrated because I am not that guy. I lost that fire on my game and I felt like I did not want to find it again. This week I am really happy because I felt this hunger to win again. Taking a week off helped me. I hope it stays the same because there are many other players who fight for the same titles, he said.

He instead felt very motivated in Marseille: When you have a mission and you do the job, thats the feeling: the professionalism. There is also satisfaction. There was a lot of pressure this week because I faced good players, especially today in final, I felt very stressed.

My heart was beating more than usual. I did not want to lose it. When you care a lot, you obviously are more stressful. I am happy to have managed to overcome this stress and play the game I had to, he concluded.

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