Indie Wrestling Promotion, AAW, held a show last Friday night at The Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, Illinois. According to a report by, Jimmy Jacobs and Sami Callihan had a match together where at one point building management nearly stopped the show.
During The Jacobs vs. Callihan Match, Jacobs was placed under a drum riser (stage) and Callihan stacked hard plastic chairs on top of him, not the folding chairs typically used in wrestling. Someone from the building’s management angrily got on the microphone and told Callihan not to break the venue’s chairs. They would finish the match in the ring with Callihan winning.
Afterwards, Callihan was told to be removed from the venue and security/off-duty police asked him to leave. Callihan thought it was part of the show and started shoving and cursing until one of the security guards told him they had a gun and would shoot if he didn’t stop. The initial report stated that Callihan was removed from the building, but he has since said that it didn’t happen.

Despite the crowd cooling off for a bit the show would be allowed to finish, but reportedly at one point AAW as a whole was nearly thrown out of the venue. The two sides came to an agreement to keep things running for the fans.
Callihan tweeted this out after the show:

Got into a fight with security tonight @AAWPro, and almost started a riot. Typical Friday night for #TheDRAW.
— The DRAW (@TheSamiCallihan) September 1, 2018

Callihan also tweeted out that he wasn’t thrown out of the building last Friday night, as seen below:

I was not tossed from @AAWPro’s building. Nice try rumor mill. I love how nobody is reporting this correctly.
— The DRAW (@TheSamiCallihan) September 2, 2018

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