Is Sean Payton’s troll game that strong?

Internet sleuths are hard at work to find out.

During his season-ending press conference Wednesday, the Saints coach was wearing a bright blue shirt under a quarter-zip pullover. The zipper was just low enough to reveal the tip of a design that quickly raised some eyebrows for looking like it could be a Roger Goodell clown shirt.

Payton’s beef with the NFL commissioner is understandable after a blown non-call in the NFC Championship robbed the Saints of a trip to the Super Bowl. He has since spoken to Goodell about the mishap, but declined on Wednesday to reveal the specifics of their conversation.

The shirt may have been partially hidden, but Payton’s disappointment wasn’t.

“What is it now, a week and a half? It feels like it’s been longer than that,” Payton said Wednesday. “I would say honestly after the game for two to three days, much like normal people, I sat and probably didn’t come out of my room, ate Jeni’s ice cream and watched Netflix for three straight days.”

Now, instead of preparing for the Super Bowl, Payton may be resorting to letting his wardrobe do his talking.

Payton wouldn’t be the first NFL coach to wear the shirt. Lions head coach Matt Patricia was more blatant about it post-Deflategate when he was still the Patriots defensive coordinator and wore it in 2017 after winning the Super Bowl.

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