Le petit frère de Kate Middleton va mieux et il le fait savoir. Le 7 novembre 2019, James Middleton s’est saisi de son compte Instagram pour partager une nouvelle “photo de famille”. Un portrait sur lequel le Britannique de 32 ans apparaît tout sourire au côté de sa jolie fiancée, la Française Alizée Thevenet.

Today I wanted to say thank you Thank you for the incredible support shown towards my speaking publicly about my illness. Depression . It would be a full time job to reply to each person, but know I’m truly touched by the messages & those that have shared their stories and journeys with me . In light of this, I wanted to share our first family photo Not that long ago I had forgotten what it was like to laugh with genuine happiness- today I don’t have to pretend to smile . I am not cured from depression- I don’t think there is one. However I have learnt to tools to keep control, every day I look after my mental health as much as I do my physical health. And remember as one wise person once said “Life is about the journey, not the destination” . #mentalhealth #keeptalking #petsastherapy #itsokaynottobeokay #lookafteryourmentalhealth #cupsoftea

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Mais James Middleton va mieux, tant et si bien qu’il prépare aujourd’hui son mariage avec celle qui partage sa vie depuis près d’un an, Alizée Thevenet, une Française de 29 ans. Analyste financière travaillant à la City depuis maintenant sept ans, elle se trouve être trilingue après avoir grandi entre l’Allemagne, l’Indonésie, le Chili, la France, la Belgique et le Royaume-Uni.

She said OUI . Our secret is out but we couldn’t be happier to share the news #jalizee

Une publication partage par James Middleton (@jmidy) le

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