Jay Glazer is taking his victory lap.

The Athletic insider made a bold prediction in a mid-February mailbag column: The Giants were going to trade Odell Beckham Jr. during the offseason.

It may have taken a couple of weeks, but Glazer connected on his big swing when the star receiver was dealt to the Browns on Tuesday.

At the time, the notion was panned, especially by fans who did not appreciate the thought of Beckham being sent out of town, and they let Glazer know it — so much so that he felt the need to return fire.

“For all you f–ksticks who spewed s–t at me, my kid, my mom, my mom’s kid, my kid’s mom, my head size, body size, intelligence, my mom’s intelligence all because I made a prediction about your team today,” Glazer shared on Twitter, “save your ridiculous f–kin insults for s–t that matters in life.”

On Tuesday night, he was a little more subdued with his language, but the shade was aplenty.

“Thank you for the kind words,” he tweeted, while retweeting every compliment he could find.

“Thank you boss,” he offered to Peter King.

“All the @Giants fans attacking @JayGlazer now owe him an apology. Never come at the 🐐,” one follower wrote, which Glazer retweeted.

The man earned his props, and now he gets to collect them.

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