Jeff Jarrett was one of the co-founders of TNA Wrestling over a decade ago. He helped the company grow before he left in 2014 to create Global Force Wrestling. Earlier this year, it was announced that Jarrett has rejoined the company under the ownership of Anthem Sports & Entertainment. He has since rebranded his former company as GFW, and he has been working all year long to help the promotion regain some of the success that they have lost over the years. Jarrett is one of the key players in the company, so the news that he is apparently going to be taking some time off from working may come as a bit of a surprise.
Regardless, GFW put out a statement today announcing that Jarrett is going to be (at least temporarily) leaving his position as Chief Creative Officer due to some personal issues. PWInsider is now claiming that Jarrett has been displaying “erratic behavior” over the course of his new tenure in Impact. Back in April of this year, Jeff Jarrett and his wife Karen reportedly got into a heated argument with fellow GFW official Bob Ryder, so it is possible that these reports could be true. The company apparently has been dealing with Jeff Jarrett’s antics for a while, and now they have taken action. The statement from Global Force Wrestling reads as follows:
“Effective immediately, Jeff Jarrett is taking an indefinite leave of absence from his position as Chief Creative Officer to focus on personal matters. Jeff will be available on a consultative basis as needed.”

As far as his behavior goes, the company has reportedly been displeased with Jarrett for a while. PWInsider also notes that Jeff’s physical appearance and behavior at AAA’s Triplemania show is what finally prompted the company to make this decision. In the past, Reby Hardy has posted records of Jarrett receiving a DUI arrest, and she claimed that he has sent her multiple drunk text messages. The situation between Jarrett and Impact president Ed Nordholm is apparently a much more serious one than originally believed. There is currently no confirmation on who will take Jeff’s spot in the meantime, but Dutch Mantell, Scott D’Amore, Jim Cornette, and John Gaburick have all been rumored suggestions.

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