The following are highlights of the latest blog from WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross.

On WWE Tough Enough: “Can’t say as I’m sorry to see Tough Enough end. The show’s format never resonated with me even though the look of the show was slick. I was never enamored with the “cast” especially after Patrick was eliminated. Patrick Clark will be a ‘player’ in the biz at some point sooner than later and WWE would be well served to sign the 19 year old who is a natural heel with a terrific work ethic and product knowledge. His training at Maryland Championship Wrestling has served him well.

If Tough Enough returns to the USA Network, I’d see major changes being made in the format and the voting plus getting Steve Austin back to host the show would be a major step forward. My congrats to Josh and Sara Lee. Hope that they make it but both appear to be long shots.”

On The Dudley Boyz: “Happy to see those Damn Dudley’s back with WWE as they can be great mentors/teachers to many on the young roster. Every team in WWE will become a better duo after having worked with Bubba and Devon.”

On NXT call-ups: “Getting lots of questions on Twitter about when will WWE call up more NXT talents. I have no idea but I do know that it is more crucial on how the talents are brought in to the main roster. than who is brought in to the fold. Debuting with some degree of impact isn’t optional. It’s a must.”

On reuniting with Jerry Lawler for WWE 2K16: “We’re getting great feedback on Jerry Lawler and me reuniting for WWE games 2K16 video game due out in October. I’d guess that this will be the final time that the two of us will work together in any WWE projects at least to the best of my knowledge. I hope that the fans support our efforts on this new video game that is loaded with new innovations, whistles and bells.”

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